Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Buy Dolce & Gabbana Star Print For Less

The very Popular star print from Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 is now available for less at ASOS.

photo credits: style,asos


  1. Is there an ASOS store in kuwait ?

  2. unfortunately no, its only an online store sells asos brand and other brands

  3. Thank you for ur response :)
    PLEASE i need ur help
    would really appreciate it if you helped me
    i've found some really cool items from asos and would like to order
    the problem is i have no experience in that area
    do i put my kuwait address? or there is another way?
    how long will it take to get delivered?
    THANK YOU !!

  4. U're welcome :)
    They do deliver to kuwait but I prefer aramex UK ..
    If u choose kuwait u have to pick up ur order from al rai or shuwaikh (cant remember) so i usually put my aramex uk box number and they deliver it to my home and i only pay kd6 to kd15 depends on the weight of ur shipment..

  5. And about how long it takes to be delivered, if u choose (next day delivery) at asos and put ur aramex uk box it takes about 2 weeks or less, like 10 days

    If u need anything dont hesitate to ask me

  6. Thanks a lot .. really helped me :)
    maga9artay :*


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