Thursday, 12 August 2010

Diana Bobar Designs @ My Second Floor

A very special collection of short Dara3as Dresses designed by the
unique designer Diana Bobar ! With one piece of each charming dress,
you will be guaranteed to be like no other in the whole world !

This collection was made specially for My Second Floor Boutique. Enjoy the luxury line that captures the culture, heritage and natural beauty
of Kuwaity modern enchanting DaRa3as and Ramadan short dresses are rich with local colours inspired by luxurious surroundings all captured by the eyes and hands of our global guest designer Diana Bobar.

Don`t miss this luxurious event on Wednesday August 18th at the Exhibition located next to Slider Station on `The Strip` Across from AlSeef Palace, Jibla.
K-net available

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