Wednesday, 17 February 2010

One Month Anniversary

I Start blogging on Jan 17th, so its been exactly a month since i started this blog, and im extremly happy and proud to have over 2700 views ...

Thanks all for supporting me, My readers, my husband, sis, my cousin, and my friends

So ppl what do u suggest and what do u like to read? Hope to hear from u


  1. :) Happy one month Anniversary!! wish u all the very best ....

  2. Thank you :) and wish u the same

  3. mabrook o kel 3am o ur blog eb khair , we would like to see every thing you would like to post about but in ur point of view .

    And thanks

  4. awwww ur welcome ;* .. mabrook 3ala the 1 month anniversary for ur blog.. keep up the good work o alah yiwafgich ;*

  5. Thxx ba6alah and nora :D


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